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Beware of using innerHTML to remove all elements from a parent if you intend to reuse the elements later - 1 Jun 2014

So, while working on PlaytimeForTheBuck, I finally decided I was going to test the site on IE. And I found a bizarre bug. When I searched the games, after a searching a couple of letters the table wouldn’t render anything! The filters were working and the call to the rendering methods were being made, with the correct games. After a while I looked at the DOM and to my surprice, the row elements were there… but were empty?

After debugging a little more I found that the innerHTML of the rows being added to the DOM were empty! So then I changed my call to innerHTML = '' to erase the table, to a @e.removeChild @e.firstChild while @e.firstChild, and the problem was gone.

What happened?

On IE innerHTML empties your children elements too! This means, that if you have a reference to a children element with it’s own children, and then you apply parent.innerHTML = '', the grandchildren are going to be removed from the children, and then if you add the children again to the DOM, they are going to be empty!

A JSFiddle is worth more than a thousand words. Just test the following on Chrome/Firefox and IE.

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