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Project Factsheet





Time Invested:

+350hs although with all the code I wrote and later deleted it could have taken me way less time haha

Tech/Skills Set:

Ruby and Rails mostly, you can see the source


About -7US$ / month in Heroku fees

Release Date:

Mid 2015

Current Enthusiasm:

The project is frozen, as it was replaced with the official mods app (which I worked and was paid to build)

A screenshot of the web app

It's alright, you can take your time to amaze at the sheer beauty of the project. Take a deep breath, and relax. I know, I know, I love it too!

But seriously, I really put a lot of effort on the design, and learned a few new things in the process. I don't like to use CSS frameworks because I always end up touching it up just to my liking, so everything is hand crafted with SASS.

Factorio is an automation game where you land on a planet and have to build automated stuff. I love it too, that's why I made the app.

The app currently still lives in factoriomods.com (yeah, I snatched the domain really soon), but it's in the process to be decommissioned, as there is an official mod database now, so I'll host it silently in a subdomain of this blog to be displayed here.


I think people liked it, I posted it on the forum and on the Factorio subreddit and people seemed to like it.

Afterwards I got in touch with the Factorio devs and they contracted me to make an official web app and API as they already had a plan to do it.