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Prismata Subreddit Extension

Project Factsheet




PSR on the Chrome Web Store

Time Invested:

40hs (public work log)

Skills Set:

JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Jasmine for TDD


Reddit karma

Release Date:

Late 2014

Current Enthusiasm:

Not much

A screenshot of the web app

An extension, you say?

Yes, a Chrome extension to be precise. This wasn't my first experience with Chrome extensions, but with this one was the first one a little polished.

Prismata? What is that?

Well, Prismata is an excelent online cards game without random elements, so it's all about startegy and player skills. It got funded on Kickstarter, and they say it's gonna be free, but they haven't made a public version yet, although you can play the demo, which is just the same as the real deal, but a single-player experience against the computer.

Why an extension?

The Prismata Subreddit is used as the main community for the game, but the problem with the subreddit is that when you discuss cards of the game, it's pretty hard to know which card the person is talking about and let alone knowing the exact card attributes and effects!

The extension solves this. It has the complete list of cards names, and while you browse the subreddit it searches for mentions of the cards so it can add a little icon next to it with the drawing of the card. These little icons are in the subreddit flails system. Also, when you hover the card name, it displays the complete card information, taken from the official Wiki.

It also replaces IDs for match replays with links for the replays.

What were the results?

Well, the reception was pretty good, a lot of people liked it! And they even added a link to the extension in the sidebar of the subreddit! Pretty cool!

Sadly, I didn't update it after a while, and I kind of abandoned it, multiple people PM me with things to update, and I just couldn't find the drive or the time, since after the summer I started college again. Right now I'm on winter break, so I wanted to make the update it deserved.

What does the future holds?

Well, I plan on maintaining the extension for now, like adding new cards, fixing bugs, but I don't have plans to add new features. Maybe after the game goes public and I actually play with friends or something, I might be more motivated.