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Project Factsheet


Was on qembole.com but it was shut down

Time Invested:

The hell I know

Skills Set:

PHP the framework was made from scratch, since I didn't know what a framework was


Being the coolest kid in high school, with a funny website

Release Date:

Wayback machine says 2009

Source Code:

Lost it in the The Great HDD Formatting Fuck-Up of the early 2012

Current Status:


There is no pic, but you can see proof in the Wayback Machine, although they didn't store the CSS sadly.

So what was this thing

What if I told you there was a website were you could find an unendless stream of hand-picked (by me) funny pictures and videos? I know, amazing, ground breaking, you might think. Yes, this was qembole.com, your nonleading website for funny things.

Of course I was really into funny stuff, and my friends liked it, so I did it. I was the coolest kid in the block.

I think Qembole! was my first presentable PHP project. Such a shame that I lost everything in The Great HDD Formatting Fuck-Up, because I had made a blogging engine from scratch, which of course, was a complete pile of shit, but, hey, if it works, it works.

One thing that surprised me, after I discovered the magic of web frameworks, was how close my engine architecture was to these frameworks (namely CodeIgniter). I had ended up with models, controllers, and views without knowing that MVC was actually a thing, and I actually remember that I made my own templating language, which doesn't make much sense because PHP is a pretty decent templating language on it's own.

Damn I really wish I had those files to show the grandkids >_<. Hopefully The Great HDD Formatting Fuck-Up won't happen again since now I have everything on the great and amazing life-saving awesome stress-free Dropbox.