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Series Follower

Project Factsheet


It was located on seriesfollower.com, but I don't remember when I pulled the plug

Time Invested:

Gheez! I don't know

Skills Set:

PHP and JavaScript, probably, I remember very little about this



Source Code:

I completely lost it, as with all my early programming projects :(

There is no pic, and Wayback Machine doesn't have anything. But I have this Facebook post I made public, cheerfully announcing a cool 3D effect I had made for the 404 page, in Spanish, of course.

Since there is no pic, here is a thousand words

At the time I was really into watching series online, but I struggled with following the release dates for the new episodes, the new seasons and the actual air time (with the following torrent-time).

So I decided to make something to solve this issue, of course, no time to check Wikipedia to see when the new episodes are going to air.

With this project I learned Regular Expressions. I scraped a website called TVRage for all the series information. At the time that website seemend to have a pretty good authority, so I picked it.

The plan was to make some kind of interactive timeline with the release dates of episodes of each serie. I actually don't remember how far I got into making the interactive timeline. But it would have been pretty cool I guess.

What happened?

Well, I don't recall why I abandoned it exactly, I think I found a similar tool that already existed. I also recall that after a while I found Karmorra RSS, now called showrss.info and I stopped worrying about the release dates of series, since they would just download automatically and worry-free, and my torrent client would anounce me when it was available to watch. That website it's kick-ass!

So yeah, no intention on continuing with this project ever again.

Sorry, I'm missing about 3/4 of the thousand words promised