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Target Shooter

Project Factsheet



Other places:

I got it posted on ChromeExperiments

Time Invested:

I have no idea

Skills Set:

JavaScript, I was playing with canvas


High school bragging rights

Release Date:


Source code:

I lost it, but you can access the combined file no problem, luckily it's uncompressed.

Current Enthusiasm:

I have no plans of working on this, although I did think about making a mobile game based on the idea

A screenshot of the web app

So what's this thing about?

Target Shooter, initially called BlindMice (thus the URL) was a game I made when learning Canvas. I think it also was my first experience with JavaScript OOP too, although if you look at the code you can see that I was doing it wrong, since I was using classes but without prototyping, at least I got one thing right haha.

The inspiration for the game was a flash game I had played a looong time ago that you basically had to click targets, but you couldn't see your mouse.

I published the game as a Facebook game, but I half-assed that part, as many parts of the game, it's pretty buggy. But I actually got a pretty good reception from comments on ChromeExperiments, except for the bugs.

How do you play it?

You basically find yourself in a canvas, and different targets appear, and you have to click them to "shoot" them. You have a limited time to clear the targets after they appear, if you miss the time window you lose, and if you missclick a target you lose points. The game also have different stages that are selected randomly.


  • Normal stage: Targets just appear one by one on the screen, you lose if you miss the time window.
  • Blind stage: Same as normal stage, but you can't see your mouse.
  • Moving stage: The targets cross the screen from the border, if you miss it you lose.
  • Ramification-target stage: First target it's alone, then 2 targets appear, then 3 targets, then 4 targets. You also lose if you miss the time window.

What could be improved?

Adding more variety to stages, hitting streaks, an online leaderboard, and playing analysis for statistics purposes, and for A/B testing. And getting rid of the bugs. Also, I could rewrite it in CoffeeScript.

What does the future holds?

Not much, really, I thought about making an Android spinoff of the game, but I don't know how to Android yet, it's one of the things in my bucket list.

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