Just a place to write about the stuff I make, do, think, and maybe eat

Zequez blog (this website)

Project Factsheet





Time Invested:

32hs so far, although I think I didn't count the whole Photoshop time (public work log)

Tech/Skills Set:

The last version uses Middleman to build, so CSS/SASS, JavasScript/CoffeeScript, HTML/HAML



Release Date:

Mid 2015

Current Enthusiasm:

I'm gonna try to write regularly about the stuff I do

A screenshot of the web app

Yes, I'm talking about this blog

At first zequez.com was a Wordpress blog. Then I saw that all the cool kids were using the Github static pages system, so I moved to Jekyll to do that. It's pretty cool.

I don't have any pictures of the first Wordpress blog, but it was just a shitty pre-made theme (no offense to the author intended), so it doesn't matter. Then I migrated to Jekyll and the result was the following picture:


Oh god why so much green!?

I don't know man, I just like the color green, OK?

The old blog featured stuff like internationalization, and a fancy easter egg, and animations and convulsion-causing colors and flashing pictures. After I didn't like it anymore I decided to re-do the design, but now I would keep it as simple as possible, and the result was the current design.

Not only I made a new design, but I also changed the whole builder, now it's using Middleman instead of Jekyll. The advantage is that Middleman it's much more flexible, robust, and has a bigger community.

Why a blog?

I like to write about stuff I do, and while I would like for all my projects to be profitable, for now I'm planning on getting some web-dev jobs done, so I needed a portfolio to showcase my personal projects.

What were the results?

What? I don't know, I haven't even pushed this yet, why are you asking this?

What are the plans for this website?

Well, I'll try to keep it updated, and I want to get some critics from actual designers.